Project Status:

Work on the project has ceased if you havent noticed... I've done some work and have an idea of where I wanted to go but just haven't had the amount of time necessary and some lack of motivation. Maybe with some increased outside support or demand it would motivate me.. So contact the mailing list if your interested..

March 23rd

amd Friday's release delayed indefinitely. You can check out the lastest cvs version though which is gravely improved.

March 6th

Let's see...., Well As I said the design is being worked on for an overhaul to make things even more OOP friendly. I think I've lost touch with some of my original design goals and that needs to be stopped and fixed. The problem is I've been really busy ... so once again I ask for help. Join the mailing list and send me an email at . This way the ante can be upped and we can get going towards a full featured version.

March 1st

I have patches for the linux socklen issue here. socklen_t.patch
Patch for the memory leak issue. memoryleak.patch
Those both can be applied patch -p0 name
In other news look for the next version to be quite a major overhaul... No word yet on how long that may be and what there will be besides under the table changes.

Later Mon Feb 28

I found the issue add a fclose(f) in conf.cpp in parse_file(Server *serv) and it will fix the issue. Or you can cvs with the info below. Sorry for the trouble.

Mon Feb 28 - Information

There's a junk pointer or some odd issue introduced since the first preview be forewarned that if you use it alot that may pop up. I'm working on fixing it but my time is limited and they are good for sleepless nights.. I'm quite pissed off about the issue since its stopping further progress.

Sat Feb 26 18:43:10 PST 2000 - Preview Release 2

Much improved version, which will work for sure on linux. Autoconf is in basic configuration. Preview 2! Check it out. Look for the next release within a week. irce-preview2000227.tar.gz

February 23, 2000 10:00am PST - More Info

Code cleanup, going on. Bug reports welcome...

If you want the latest you'll need to cvs.
cvs login
cvs -z3 co current

Check it out... join the mailing list, with the link below contribute...... :)

February 21, 2000 1:35pm PST - Preview Release

Preview release will be out today. CVS Tree is up and ready see links below. Get it here! It _should_ work on linux check out the linux readme. It has been tested with egcs-1.1.2 or newer it may work with older, but it needs a decent working version of libstdc++, not libg++. It _will_ work fine under FreeBSD for sure if you have that newer compiler. That's where you people come in, we hope to get some help from the outside to zero out the problems since I'm only one person and don't have access to enough systems to truely test.

February 15, 2000 7:30pm PST - Initial Sign up

Today was our initial signup. I hope to get the tree fixed up for posting within next week. I want to ensure it compiles and works on linux too before letting the preview release loose on the wolves. Don't expect much the code needs to be cleaned up and worked with. That's where this project comes in. I hope to find developers to contribute and to finish the items on the todo list. Let me note that I hate doing html so this is minimal ;-). Soon I'll have links to a mailing list, todo list, posting patches, project information, cvs tree and more.


- High speed non-blocking i/o model
- Easy to work with design
- Supports for most irc commands


- Project Summary
- Project News - Major project news
- Cvs info
- Cvs tree on the web
- Downloads
- Style Information
- Task List - Anyone is welcome to contribute part of some of thes things
- Bugs - Submit view bugs
- Patch Submission Give us some help!
- Mailing list subscription

internet relay chat extensions Copyright 2000 by Steve Vrionis
Released under the BSD License